5 Movies That Actually Killed Audiences!


The films with too much horror or humor can cause death!


The Conjuring 2: According to Times India, a 65-year-old man suffered a chest pain and fainted towards the climax of the film in Tiruvannamalai, Tamil Nadu, India. He was immediately rushed to the Old Government Hospital nearby where the doctors declared him brought dead. The incident occurred on a night show of The Conjuring 2 on 16/6 (local time). His body was taken away by his friend and the doctors have not found out the death reason yet.

Avatar: A 42-year-old Taiwanese man died of “excitement” after watching this movie. He reportedly felt ill while watching the film, then headed to the hospital. When he arrived at the emergency room, he was unconscious. The man died 11 days later. “It’s likely that the over-excitement from watching the movie triggered his symptoms,” Dr. Peng Chin-chih told Agence France Presse.

The Creeping Unknown: 9 year old Stewart Cohan passed away in October in the year 1956 while watching The Creeping Unknown. At the beginning of the film, during the opening credits, the boy collapsed and died, which naturally led people to quickly blame the film. When Cohan’s autopsy report came back, the coroner’s Pathologist who worked the case had discovered that the child had an existing heart condition before he even died. Ultimately, the Pathologist came to the conclusion that “the boy died of a heart collapse after extraordinary tension while watching a movie,” which indicates that it was the film that pushed his young body to its breaking point.

The Passion of the Christ: Mel Gibson’s blood-soaked take on the life of the Son of God drew a lot of intense reactions, but the most intense came from 56-year-old Peggy Scott, who worked as a sales manager for two Wichita-area radio stations. Scott went to a Kansas theater to take in the flick, but it turned out to be too much for her. During the climactic crucifixion scene when Jim Caveziel’s bloody mess Jesus is nailed to the cross, Scott’s heart stopped and she died. She’s not the only person claimed by "Passion" either, a Brazilian pastor also kicked the bucket during a screening in 2004.

Grand Masti: In India, this terrible sequel is actually the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time, so, yes, it's at least very, very famous there, where it pulled in something like $23 million dollars. Yes, the movie proved itself to be so unexpectedly hilarious for twenty two-year-old Vasai resident, Mangesh Bhogal, that he laughed himself to death. Mangesh was reportedly cracking up at the movie's hijinks, before he suffered from a sudden heart attack. He was rushed to Cardinal Gracias Hospital at Vasai West, where he was declared dead before admission.