5 Possible Ways to Revive Superman


These are five ways that help revive Superman for his return in "Justice League".

It has been only 3 years since the first time we saw Henry Cavill in the Superman costume, however, the filmmakers already shocked the audience with his death. In order to kill Doomsday to prevent future disasters, Superman sacrifices his own life. This is a surprising ending because in the future, Superman is supposed to lead Justice League to battle villains. Don't worry yet, there are still many convincing ways to revive Man of Steel, and here are 5 ones:

1. He's Not Dead, He's Just in a Coma

Let's start with what happens in the comics after the death of Superman. It turns out that Superman is not dead yet after the battle with Doomsday, he only falls into deep coma, just like a winter sleep. He only wakes up when his body heals itself completely, of course with the aid of sunlight. 

While most of important events after his death as well as his rebirth process is described in details in the comics, DC Cinematic Universe is probably going to make it short. We are likely to see scientists do research about his body, only to realize that he can't be dead. After that, he is taken to a place full of sunlight and starts to revive.

2. Time Travel

We should be thankful to Erza Miller for "freaking" Batman out so we know that time travel does exist in DC. And it's not rare at all in the superhero genre. 

Obviously, it will make the story much more complicated, however, let's think about it this simply, The Flash will return to the past before the death of Kal – El. Then he will have two options, bringing Superman to the future or doing something to avoid Man of Steel's death. In many episodes about The Flash, time travel might leave consequences, and it's the reasons Justice League gathers.

3. Magic

DC Cinematic Universe has always been great at the science fiction genre (with aliens, their technologies, etc) but the appearance of Enchantress (Cara Delevingne) in the upcoming blockbuster Suicide Squad reveals that magic will play a part of it. It might cause a storm, but it helps explain the revive of Superman much more easily.

4. Multiverse Theory

Multiverse has played an important role in DC Comics for decades, from "Crisis on Infinite Earths" to "Convergence." In the past, we have already known that there is a tool that helps connect DC's TV universe and our film universe, and that theory can help revive Superman. 

Just like time travel, with the power of The Flash and other necessary supports, Justice League could find an alive and strong version of Superman in another universe. Of course they can't just "steal" Superman from a planet that is in need of him, so chances that they will have to keep looking until there is an available Superman for them.

5. Descendants

In the comics, apparently Superman cannot immediately wake up. So when he's still busy being in coma, many characters can come and replace him, specifically, there were 4 characters who did that: The Man of Steel a.k.a. Steel; The Man of Tomorrow a.k.a. Cyborg Superman; The Metropolis Kid a.k.a. Superboy; và The Last Son Of Krypton.

The amazing thing about it is, if Justice League chooses to follow this path, there might be not only one, but two Superman (or men) on the screen for us to watch.